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Ruby (cr.) Sterling Silver Round Brilliant Earrings - Drops Only

These round brilliant cut ruby detachable drop earrings, when combined with their sterling silver setting, provide a timeless and elegant addition to your jewellery collection. Detachable drop earrings are perfect for those who already have existing hoop earrings and are looking for versatility with another coloured gemstone. Able to slide on/off existing hoops, these drops can accommodate most hoop sizes. The ruby gemstone is the perfect accessory when wearing navy, black, brown or other neutrals. Made of round brilliant cut created ruby, the 10mm gemstones are set in sterling silver, hallmarked and stamped with SR. Also available in other metals and gemstones - please contact us for assistance. Created ruby has the same composition as natural ruby. This fine jewellery item is custom made for you; production in Australia by master craftsmen ensures premium quality. Beautiful gift packaging included. Free shipping worldwide. Valuation certificate included for items of AUD500 or more. Lifetime warranty

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