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Long White Pearl Necklace

This long white pearl necklace is the last word in versatility. It can be worn long as a single strand, knotted, as a double strand or even a triple strand, as worn by our model. Additionally, this long white pearl necklace can be wrapped around the wrist to form a chunky pearl bracelet. Wear it casually or use it to pack a real punch to an evening outfit. Not only is this long pearl necklace a must-have for your wardrobe, it also makes a wonderful gift for a girlfriend, wife, mother or sister. Each necklace comes packaged in a silk pouch. Each pearl measures 9.5 - 10.5mm in width. The necklace measures 64cm in length when worn as a a single strand. A-grade white freshwater pearls. The necklace comes with two sterling silver fasteners: a small fastener to hold the necklace in place when doubled, and a large fastener to hold the necklace in place when tripled.

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