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Lemon Quartz 9ct Yellow Gold Checkerboard Earrings - Drops Only

These lemon quartz detachable drop earrings are given a beautiful counterpoint with the richer golden hues of the 9 carat yellow gold setting. Often an under-rated and underappreciated gemstone, these lemon quartz detachable drops are a striking addition to any jewellery collection. These detachable drops have been designed to slide on/off most existing hoops earrings. This fine jewellery item is custom made for you; production in Australia by master craftsmen ensures premium quality. Beautiful gift packaging included. Free shipping worldwide. Valuation certificate included for items of AUD500 or more. Lifetime warranty. The cushion checkerboard cut gemstone measures 10mm wide. 9 carat yellow gold, lemon quartz   Also available in other metals and gemstones - please contact us for assistance.

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