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About StyleRocks®

StyleRocks® is a ground-breaking website where you design your own quality, affordable jewellery online. With most items priced between $100-$500, StyleRocks® makes jewellery customisation available to everyone.

Why customise my jewellery?

Historically, jewellery customisation – the ability to create jewellery with the right metals, finishes, gemstones, and sizing – has been inaccessible for most people, owing to the time and expense associated with visiting a jeweller. The alternative has been to settle for something that is mass-produced or limited in its variety, and therefore doesn’t allow you to express your style as you want to.

Why should you have to settle for yellow gold, if you prefer rose gold? Why should you wear the same style of jewellery as everyone else? Isn’t it fundamentally wrong to settle for something that isn’t right, when jewellery is such a personal expression of who you are?

Why StyleRocks®?

StyleRocks® offers you two key benefits:

  1. With you designing your jewellery online, rather than going through a jeweller, it can cut the cost of your jewellery by up to half
  2. Thanks to our relationship with Australia’s largest jewellery manufacturer, we’re making jewellery customisation available to everyone. Put simply, there isn’t anywhere else where you can create a silver heart pendant, customised with a birthstone and engraved with a special message for under $200!
  3. StyleRocks® is unique; it enjoys the advantage of being the only website globally to produce jewellery customisation of this variety, and this kind. With 3.4 trillion jewellery combinations available, it eclipses its closest rivals.

What about the quality of the jewellery?

Each and every item is inspected by at least three people before being dispatched to the customer. This ensures a high standard of quality, which is recognised by our StyleRocks® customers who are repeat customers. To see what they’re saying about StyleRocks®,click here

The jewellery manufacturer has been established in Australia for over 60 years, has a national presence and provides jewellery to much of the Australian jewellery industry.

How do you make quality jewellery at these prices?

Our relationship with the manufacturer means that we are able to pass their wholesale prices on to our customers.

As StyleRocks® customers design the jewellery themselves, this eliminates the need for a jeweller to become involved – therefore saving time and money.

Finally, as we are only online, we don’t incur various overheads such as rent and inventory – which means we can keep our prices as competitive as we can.

What are the customisation options available?

StyleRocks® offers over 3.4 trillion jewellery customisation options!

Customisation includes choosing the style of jewellery: women’s rings, men’s rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and cufflinks.

You choose your metal: silver, 9ct or 18ct gold. If you’ve chosen gold, which colour: white, yellow, or rose. If you want the gold look but don’t quite have the budget, you can choose to create something in silver, and then plate it in gold. You can then choose your finish: high shine, matte or brushed.

For gemstones, you can add a little luxury touch in the form of a 1.75mm round brilliant cut gemstone; we’ve selected the range of birthstones for this option. You can add luxury touches to necklaces, rings, earrings or cufflinks.

For bigger gemstones, we’ve chosen semi and non-precious stones in a range of key colours specifically designed to match women’s outfits; red, blue, black and so on. These stones have all been selected with a view to making them as affordable as possible. For example, we could have chosen pink tourmaline…but its scarcity - and matching price tag! – mean that hydrothermal pink sapphire is a much better option.

With pearls, you’re able to choose whether you would like your pearl in white, pink or black.

What StyleRocks® offers – that no other company globally does – is the ability to be creative with your designs through our range of personal touches. You can add a rose or a daisy (just two options in our ranges) to a ring, and then even add a birthstone to the middle of that rose or daisy.

We also offer the ability to create your own charm bracelet, using up to four charms per bracelet. We have a range of just under 100 charms available including the alphabet, travel, baby, study, music, food, the sophisticate range, romance, nature, numbers and religion. This ability to tell your story exactly through jewellery is unrivalled by anyone else globally.

Finally, we offer engraving: engraving on rings, necklaces, bracelets and cufflinks can be your own message, or chosen from a range of pre-defined messages in a variety of languages such as English, French, Italian, Latin, Spanish, Portuguese, German and Celtic. You can also choose your font too – of course!

I like a style on the StyleRocks® website, but I’d like it in a different metal or gemstone other than the ones you have available. Can you help me?

Yes. Please contact us at info@stylerocks.com

About us

The Story - an introduction to our online customised jewellery adventure


Entrepreneur, mother and founder of StyleRocks®, Pascale Helyar-Moray, decided to re-evaluate her career as a financial services marketer and pursue her life-long dream of becoming a jewellery designer.

“Jewellery design has been a life-long passion of mine, so I was looking for a way to combine that passion with a career that was more conducive to motherhood. The idea of setting up my own business from home, doing something I love, seemed the best way to marry those two worlds.”

After being given the opportunity to select a gift to celebrate the birth of her twins, Pascale realised there was little avenue for personal choice in the online jewellery industry. “Being pregnant, the last thing I wanted to do was shop, so I went online and couldn’t find anything I liked in the metals I wear, or the stones I love. I didn’t have the energy or time to visit a jeweller to create something, so – incredibly frustrated by the lack of solution - I didn’t purchase anything”

“The babies were born and some months later, after we’d relocated to Australia, I saw a website which offered the ability to design your fashion item as you wanted it. For the first time, I realised the technology was possible to do this sort of thing. I thought that the ability to design your own jewellery - exactly as you want it, was what I needed to create and so StyleRocks® was born in November 2011.”

Who we are

Blue Chilli built our ground-breaking jewellery website, which has been recognised by various technology leaders and peers both in Australia and globally. Blue Chilli focuses on building start-ups, with a special emphasis on providing the technology.

StyleRocks jewellery manufacturer is supplier to many high-end names in the jewellery industry. Established for over 60 years, they have 100 staff in offices around Australia. Their manufacturing capabilities range from being able to produce one-off pieces (such as those produced for StyleRocks®) through to hundreds of jewellery items.

Pascale, StyleRocks Founder & CEO, leads the marketing and business development, supported by Fleur, Mary and Vanessa


StyleRocks® is proud to be supported by a number of organisations including:


StyleRocks® has been fortunate enough to win, or be finalist in, a number of awards including:

About our jewellery

What metals do you offer?

We offer sterling silver, 9 carat and 18 carat gold in all 3 colours – rose, yellow and white.

What is the difference between the different finishes?

High shine is a very shiny, polished finish. Matte is a more discrete, duller finish than the polished finish. Brushed gives the effect of a wire brush being passed over the metal.

Which stones do you offer?

A number! We have stones for the ‘luxury touches’ – these are the little 1.75mm round brilliant cut stones you can add to a charm – such as a rose – when added to a ring or pendant.

We’ve made sure they are the same stones as birthstones, so you can customise the jewellery item specifically for that special someone. For example, you might create a jewellery item for someone born in May – their birthstone is emerald, so you would choose to add an emerald to their pendant.

We’ve also sourced a number of larger semi-precious gems for use in cocktail rings, pendants and earrings. In sourcing these stones, we’ve aimed for affordable, quality stones to ensure we have a gem for most colours – perfect for if you’re trying to match jewellery to an outfit for a special occasion. Alternatively, blue may be simply your favourite colour and you want your jewellery to reflect that!

Where is the jewellery made?

As with everything associated with StyleRocks®, we’ve always aimed for Australian products and manufacturing. We have an exclusive partnership with Australia’s largest jewellery manufacturer who is responsible for the metals and craftsmanship of our jewellery. Our gems are sourced from an Australian company as well.

What is the birthstone chart?

There are a number of birthstone charts available but the most often used are the modern and the traditional ones. In order to offer birthstones in a range of colours and with round brilliant cuts, we’ve added one stone (Turquoise for June, instead of Pearl) from the traditional chart to the modern one.
























Blue Topaz

*Note that we have used hydrothermal emeralds and rubies for the luxury touches in order to keep the costs down. If you wish to use genuine emeralds and rubies, please contact us at info@stylerocks.com.

What does hydrothermal mean?

Hydrothermal means circulated with hot water: it refers to the process associated with creating synthetic stones.

What does nano mean?

Nano refers to nanocrystal; it refers to the man-made process of creating synthetic stones.

How many stones are included on an eternity ring?

The eternity rings come in 2 sizes: half and full; the number of stones on a style of eternity ring will vary based on the size of the ring. As a rough estimate, we have calculated 10 round brilliant cut stones measuring approximately 1.5mm each for a half eternity ring, and 20 round brilliant cut stones measuring approximately 1.5mm each for a full eternity ring.

What is plating?

Plating is the process of coating a metal in another colour, like painting; it’s a great way to get the look for less. Typically you plate sterling silver with either yellow gold or rose gold plating – we offer both colours (you wouldn’t put a white gold plate over a silver item – the item is already a silver colour). We ensure we have the thickest plating possible on our items, to help them last longer, but plating does come with some risks – please read below.

What are the risks with plating?

Plating is highly variable and may not last. A plated jewellery item is subject to wear and tear, which will remove the plating over time. How often you wear your plated jewellery item will impact how long the item will last too. For example, a bangle that you wear every day, and which may come into frequent contact with a desk or table, will be more affected than a pendant worn for a few hours once a month. Additionally, plating is affected by the chemical composition of each person’s skin – some people have more acid in their skin than others, which may accelerate plating loss. It’s impossible to say how long a plated item will last as everyone’s body – and the way they wear their item - is so different. While we plate each item as thickly as possible, and put a special lacquer over the top to assist in keeping the plate in place, we are not responsible for and will not accept any item for re-plating.

Cost of components

For some of the components of jewellery, such as bails which connect the pendant to the chain, or jumprings, which connect a clasp to a bracelet chain, we only offer them in 9 carat gold, with a limited choice of colour.


Pink and black pearls may vary in their colour compared to the images shown on the website; this occurs due to natural variation and/or the dyeing process.

'Word’ jewellery

Our ‘inspiration’ range contains words such as ‘Dream’, ‘Laugh, ‘Wish’, etc available as both necklaces and bracelets. For bracelets, with words containing more characters such as ‘Believe’, we may need to scale the bracelet down so that it will fit on your wrist. This scaling down will not materially impact the price of the item.

What kind of chain do you use?

We have sourced and tested a number of different kinds of chain to be used for pendants, necklaces and bracelets. We have selected the curb diamond cut chain at 1.4mm in diameter, as it’s strong enough to accommodate pendants at the end while remaining flexible. In the event that there are supply issues with this style of chain, we will replace it with belcher, ball or trace chain, all with a similar diameter to the curb diamond cut. This replacement chain will not materially impact the price of the item.

I can only find a shiny finish for some items – why is this?

For some items, such as any rings, pendants or earrings with stones in them, we only offer the high shine finish – we want your stones to sparkle as much as possible! For other items, we can’t be satisfied that a matte or brushed finish will appear to a certain standard of quality due to production issues – so have chosen only a shiny finish.

StyleRocks® service

Delivery times

We aim to deliver your customised jewellery within 15 working days from the date your payment is received. Jewellery items which include stones of any kind may take up to another 7 working days. In all instances estimated delivery times will be displayed at the checkout for your product. We endeavour to deliver your custom made jewellery within the estimated time frames – but these may be delayed on occasions due to circumstances beyond our control. If it appears that your item will be delayed for whatever reason, we will advise you as soon as we can.

Which countries do you ship to?

Being a proudly Australian company, we ship Australia-wide! Internationally, the list of countries we ship to is as follows:



New Zealand

South Korea






Hong Kong







Cote D’Ivoire















United Kingdom



South Africa


All deliveries are trackable online; you will receive your airway bill number so you can track your item in your order confirmation email.

Customs and Duties

Postal charge does not include possible taxes and duties which may be applied by customs in the country where the order originated. The responsibility for any customs duties, foreign taxes or other fees which may be imposed will rest with the customer. For further information, it may be necessary to call local customs offices to gain further details.

How do I know what ring size I am?

We encourage you to use our handy ring-sizer found here. When you print it out, you must ensure that the printing is to scale. If there are any problems, we will adjust the size for you for free (although you will need to pay the cost of returning it to us).

I looked at an item last month – it’s a different price this month. Why is that?

This is due to the fluctuating cost of silver and gold prices.

How close are these images on the website to the actual item?

All items shown on screen are a representation only and the actual jewellery custom made for you may vary to the represented images. The images on screen are to scale in relation to each other but are not to scale in comparison to real life. Where possible, we have provided each item’s measurements to help you assess the item size.

The colour of the actual stones may vary too from the represented image on screen; this is a result of stone supply and out of our control. We will use reasonable endeavours to ensure the actual stones colour resembles the colour of the stone in the represented image on your order confirmation. Pearls may also vary in colour, owing to natural colour variation and sometimes the dyeing process, particularly with black pearls.

Metals too may vary in their colour between the represented images on screen and the actual item. We have made every attempt to represent the colour of the images as accurately as possible – any variations may be as a result of computer screen settings. Metal quality will not be impacted by this variation.


We want all our customers to be delighted with the jewellery item they have created on the StyleRocks® website. If, for any reason, you wish to return your item, you may do so long as it is in original condition, in its original box and must be post-marked within 14 days of having received the goods. You will need to send an email to info@stylerocks.com advising us of the item’s details; items must be packaged to prevent damage on the return voyage and shipping costs are non-refundable. Please follow the instructions on the StyleRocks® Return Form.

If you need an item of jewellery resized, we will resize it at no charge to you, but you will need to pay the cost of returning it to us.

I like a style on the StyleRocks® website, but I’d like it in a different metal or gemstone other than the ones you have available. Can you help me?

Yes – please contact us at info@stylerocks.com


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